“I hate emails!” — How many times have you uttered this under your breath or to your solopreneur friends?

If you’re like me, your inbox gives you a bit of anxiety. Not knowing how many emails you’ll need to deal with when you log in, wondering if you’ll know how to respond to your email mountain, struggling to find the words to start a conversation, etc.

I’ve spent the last decade of working with clients trying to figure out how to get over my inbox anxiety. And I want to help you with yours. Cause inbox anxiety sucks.

Struggling with email has cost my business time + money. I’m willing to bet that you’re in the same boat if you found your way to this page.

Do you know what to say?

The biggest trick to calming inbox anxiety is knowing what to say. But with all the hats we need to wear as business owners, how the fuck are we supposed to have the right response ready to go at the drop of a hat? #hatsonhats

You don’t.

Behind the scenes, I’m putting together a collection of my most helpful scripts — dealing with tricky situations, getting return business from clients, increasing your rates + announcing time off — that you can use whenever you need.

Get lifetime access to easily editable scripts

Unlike other script sources, with inbox anxiety you won’t need to deal with copying + pasting text from a PDF — which leads to a pile of email formatting issues. Instead, you’ll get the script emailed directly to you!

Another email in my inbox? How is that helpful?

Two reasons. 1. If you’re on this site, you’re not in your inbox, so the email serves as your reminder to email the person you need to contact/reply to. 2. You can save the email to a “scripts” folder so that you have easy access to know what to say the next time you find yourself struggling to respond.

If you don’t need the reminder, you can copy the script right from the site (free of formatting issues) + paste it into your email draft. You got options!

Want free scripts?

Registration for inbox anxiety will open in 2019. To get an email when the cart is open, enter your info below. You’ll also get to help pick which scripts are added to the vault.

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“First off these are LIFESAVERS! Thank you for writing these!”
– Vittoria D.